The Commonwealth of Massachusetts processes all documents based on “first come, first served”.
Massachusetts apostille certificates can only be issued in the state of Massachusetts, by the office of the secretary of state of Massachusetts. We advise that you call the apostille office at 978-424-4629, and describe your document to make sure that they are ready for apostille.

The Massachusetts secretary of state’s apostille service provides authentications for documents that are needed in other countries. The state issues two kinds of authentications: apostilles and certifications. The apostilles are used in countries that are members of the Hague Convention, while the certifications are used by non-Hague Convention countries. To get your documents authenticated in Massachusetts, you can submit a request by mail or in person. You will need to provide an original document and contact information. You will also need to specify the foreign country you are using the document for. The fee for this service is six dollars per authentication.


Massachusetts Secretary of State Apostille

A Massachusetts Apostille is a stamp or signature that authenticates a document. You will need either an original document or a certified copy of it in order to get it authenticated. The U.S. Department of State in Washington DC is responsible for issuing two types of international certificates – the Apostille and the Certification. You can get an apostille for your documents by visiting our office, located minutes from Boston MA at 1215 Main St, Tewksbury MA 01876, or by mailing them to us.

Documents that require an apostille

To qualify for an apostille in Massachusetts, your documents must be issued by the state. For example, a birth certificate issued by a Massachusetts court must be affixed with an apostille, while a death certificate must be notarized by a state department. Moreover, birth and death certificates must be signed by a current state registrar of vital statistics.

Documents that can be authenticated

If you are moving to another country and need a document authenticated, you should contact the Secretary of State in Massachusetts for an apostille service. You can send your document to this office by mail or in person. Make sure to provide the original document, your contact information, and the country you will be using it. You will also have to pay a small fee for the service.

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The Application process is a simple process that will provide you with authenticated documents. Apostilles are issued by an authority authorized by the government. Generally, these documents are valid for use in countries that are members of the Hague Convention. However, if you are traveling to a country that isn’t a member of the convention, you’ll need to obtain a certified copy.

A public official’s signature is required on birth and death certificates. The requester does not need to be related to the person whose name appears on the document. If you’re unable to appear in person, you can send your document to our office. The office will then process your request. Once your documents have been authenticated, you will receive a receipt and a pick-up date. It is important to return by the cited date to pick up your document.

Cost of Apostille In Massachusetts

You can order service for a document from the Massachusetts secretary of state. Normally, the fee for our economy service which includes government fees and returns postage is currently $129.95. You can also request expedited counter service for $179.95. The normal processing time is 2-10 business days, but you should allow for additional time if you plan on mailing your document. You will receive a prepaid return envelope in the mail, along with the Apostille Certificate. You can also order a certified copy of the document from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts at the same time, but it is not included in the cost of the service.

The Massachusetts Secretary of State issues two types of authentications: apostilles and certifications. Apostilles are accepted by countries that are part of the Hague Convention, while certifications are recognized in non-member countries. You can send your document for apostille service by mail, or you can visit our office in person. When requesting service, you should submit the original document, as well as your contact information and the foreign country where you plan to use the document. You should also include the cost of the authentication in the document.

Documents that are not authenticated

If you are trying to use a document issued by a foreign country to enter the United States, you need to get it authenticated. The Secretary of State of Massachusetts issues Apostilles, which verify the signature, capacity, and stamp or seal on a document. Apostilles are valid only for countries that adhere to the Hague Convention of 1961.

Apostilles are required for many different types of documents. These include business and legal documents, diplomas, transcripts, letters of marriage and divorce, and job certifications. The Office of the Secretary of State also offers general information about document authentication under the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961, as well as apostille document guidelines.

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Please note that all processing times provided here are estimates and subject to the respective state authorities’ acceptance criteria, timelines, and potential delivery delays. While we strive to ensure accuracy and efficiency in our service, cannot guarantee specific processing times due to variables outside of our control. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we navigate these processes on your behalf.