Apostille College Diplomas

secretary of state apostille service in MA

Secretary Of State Apostille

Massachusetts apostille certificates can only be issued in the state of Massachusetts, by the office of the secretary of state of Massachusetts.  We advise that you call the apostille office at 978-424-4629, and describe your document to make sure that they are ready for apostille.

College Diplomas Apostille

Apostille For College Diplomas

Whether you need to obtain a college diploma from a foreign country or are traveling, there are several options for you. These options include notarization and apostille. Obtaining an apostille will ensure that your college diploma is authentic and valid across the world. These methods are fast and relatively inexpensive. In Massachusetts, you can have the apostille done in 2 to 5 business days!

Apostille college diplomas

How to Get an Apostille College Degree

If you are wondering how to get an Apostille for your college degree, you’ve come to the right place. Here you will learn how to get an Apostille and the cost involved. Once you’ve done this, you can be confident your degree will be recognized by foreign authorities.