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  • Where Can I Get an Apostille in Massachusetts?
    Getting an apostille in Massachusetts is easy if you know where to look. Most states require you to obtain an apostille before you can affix your foreign country’s seal or signature on your legal documents. Here are some of the places you can get an apostille from.
  • Secretary Of State Apostille
    Massachusetts apostille certificates can only be issued in the state of Massachusetts, by the office of the secretary of state of Massachusetts.  We advise that you call the apostille office at 978-424-4629, and describe your document to make sure that they are ready for apostille.
  • Single Status Apostille
    In addition to the Secretary of State Office, the county clerk can provide a form letter stating that you are single. However, you must remember that a form letter is not a legal document issued by the government. The county clerk will also provide you with a blank Single Status Affidavit form. In some cases, a marriage license or other legal document may require an apostille single status statement to be legal.
  • Apostille For College Diplomas
    Whether you need to obtain a college diploma from a foreign country or are traveling, there are several options for you. These options include notarization and apostille. Obtaining an apostille will ensure that your college diploma is authentic and valid across the world. These methods are fast and relatively inexpensive. In Massachusetts, you can have the apostille done in 2 to 5 business days!
  • How to Obtain an Apostille For Your Birth Certificate
    To obtain an apostille for your Massachusetts birth certificate or state birth certificate, read this article. There are several different purposes for which you may want to get an apostille. This document is used to authenticate your original birth certificate. It is also useful if you have moved to another state.
  • Apostille Copy Of Passport
    Before you can rely on apostille for a copy of your passport, you need to make sure it has been notarized correctly. This can only be done by a notary public. A notary’s signature is authenticated through the county clerk. When the document is authenticated, the company will issue an apostille or certificate of authenticity. The Apostille is a one-page document, which features the facsimile signature of the Secretary of State.